Web Word Processing and Document Sharing: Writely

Web Word Processing and Document Sharing: Writely

Writely is a hosted Web application that serves as a pretty good
word processor and document sharing service. I've been playing with it
for awhile now and so far I'm pretty impressed. It's currently beta (no
Safari support, bummer) but it's also free.

It's document sharing portion is kind of like a wiki, in that you're
dealing with HTML documents and that you can have multiple editors, but
it's got a few key differences.

For one thing, it has permissions, so you can specify
exactly who can edit or view your documents. For another, it's easy to
use, and you can post to Blogger with it. 😉

I'd imagine they're going to add posting support for other blogging
systems in the future. It's also got document versioning, a great
feature when you're talking collaboration via the Web, and a host of
rich editing features. All in all it looks like a good system for
document sharing on the Web.

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