Special: How to host a personal wiki on your home computer

Special: How to host a personal wiki on your home computer

wiki is an editable web site, where any number of pages can be added
and the text of those pages edited right inside your web browser.
Wiki's are perfect for a team of multiple people collaboratively
editing information (Wikipedia is
the quintessential example of this) but a wiki can also be useful to an
individual: as a personal, searchable, versioned, digital notebook.

Imagine storing and editing your to-do lists, bookmarks,
snippets of text, project notes, reference material, images from the
web or anything you wanted on your home computer from anywhere just
using a web browser – no disks, thumb drives, text editors, or file
transfers required. This is possible with a personal wiki.

If you've got a web hosting plan you can install any number of
free wiki packages on your server. If not, it's easy to install a
personal wiki on your home computer to read and write to from any web
browser. In this tutorial, we'll set up a wiki on your home computer so
you'll always have access to a searchable, editable personal notebook.

Notes and disclaimers: Like the previous home server features, keep
in mind that running a server and opening a port on your home computer
is a risky undertaking. Make sure your PC has all the latest security
updates and has been thoroughly scanned for viruses and spyware before
we begin.

What you'll need:

  1. A Windows PC [1]
  2. A zip utility program (the free 7-Zip will do fine)
  3. An always-on broadband Internet connection

We're going to use a wiki package called Instiki,
which is a perfect beginner's wiki. Instiki is easy to install and easy
to use, and it is written in a language called Ruby. [2] . . .


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