File Backups and Sharing Made Easy

File Backups and Sharing Made Easy.

TextDrive, where I happily host all of my sites, has released a new web-based product, Strongspace
that is essentially a remote hard drive. Unfortunately, there’s no free
account, but it’s worth the money if you need a secure remote backup
and file sharing solution.

For $8 a month, I now have 4 GiB of secure remote storage that I can access from any computer. Using rsync,
one simple command from the terminal window and I’ve got a backup of my
important files. No more lost documents when switching computers,
failed hard drives, or accidental presses of the delete key to worry

Having always been concerned about backing up
important files but not wanting to maintain any extra hardware, this is
the perfect solution. If you’re like me and paranoid about losing
files, I strongly suggest giving Strongspace
a look. It’s easy, powerful, secure, simple, and has a really talented
group of people behind it. Did I mention I love it so far?

limitation you should be aware of is that you can’t share these files
willy nilly with the rest of the internet. You have to explicitly
create accounts to provide others access to files. That’s an extremely
fair limitation when you consider what you’re getting.

Oh yeah, I haven’t tried yet, but it’s supposed to integrate nicely with Basecamp
[Garrett Dimon]

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