Book Review: Creating Customer Evangelists

Book Review: Creating Customer Evangelists. Creating Customer Evangelists
written by Ben McConnell and Jackie Huba is a brilliant work about
turning your customers into a powerful sales force. Customer
Evangelists are the ideal Return Customers that will come back to your business and bring their friends.

book outlines several key ways you can utilize your customers to
improve your business. Involving your customers can result in improved
products, more new customers, and increased profits.

The authors present these six tenets of customer evangelism in detail:

  • Customer plus-delta – continually gather and utilize customer feedback
  • Napsterize your Knowledge – share your knowledge freely and make it easy for others to pass along
  • Build the Buzz – build powerful word of mouth networks that extol just how wonderful your company and product really are
  • Create Community – encourage customers to meet
  • Bite-size Chunks – offer smaller versions that are easier to attract customers
  • Create a Cause – focus on making the world a better place

outlining the major principles behind creating customer evangelists,
the authors share 8 case studies of companies that have exhibited those
same qualities and have benefited greatly. You’ll get a boatload of
ideas of how you can start reaping the rewards of customer evangelists
from these examples.

The end of this book offers a few bonus
appendices that help you get started. The authors ask several thought
provoking questions that you can ponder in your business. The answers
will improve your customer experience and your bottom line.

Creating Customer Evangelists is a wonderful read and I highly recommend it.  [Return Customer]

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