Insights from David Greiner of Campaign Monitor

Insights from David Greiner of Campaign Monitor. recently interviewed David Greiner of Campaign Monitor, the email newsletter and list management tool built for web designers.

David on having a unified voice:

the guys who designed and developed the software are also the ones who
answer support emails, post to our blog and answer the phone. Having a
unified voice across all of these mediums makes it a lot easier to
develop more personal relationships with a lot of our customers.

On making something remarkable:

I think the task of making something ‘remarkable’ is a lot less daunting when you’re not trying to please everybody.

On building something that you yourself use:

of focusing on what the competition was doing, we built something that
we would want to use ourselves. We killed off loads of features that
designers just don’t need and added a few unique ones that we knew
would make their lives easier. Those features are useless to anyone but
a web designer and I really think that’s the key.

Of course, it
makes life easier if you are your own target market. By using early
versions of Campaign Monitor for our own clients’ campaigns, it didn’t
take long to work out what the product required to be genuinely useful.

[Signal vs. Noise]

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