What the hell?

What the hell?.

It wasn't until I saw the news about the Army soldiers being put “on alert” for possible deployment to the Gulf coast
that I realized how much my anger about the post-Katrina horror had
grown over the course of today. This afternoon, we've already heard
that the evacuation of both the Superdome and Charity Hospital had to
be suspended because of sniper fire, that people are literally dying in
the Convention Center due to starvation and dehydration, and that
efforts to get food and water to the stranded people have met with
violence and total anarchy. Why are these troops merely on alert? Why
aren't they on planes and in convoys on their way to the region?
Why aren't we airdropping soldiers and entire crateloads of food and
water into the Convention Center and Superdome, providing gunship
escorts for the evacuation effort, and doing absolutely anything else
it takes to restore even the most basic needs and dignities to all the
people who are so desperately waiting for help? And then in bizzarro
world, we have our President strumming a guitar with Mark Wills and our Secretary of State shopping it up and playing tennis with the celebrities in Manhattan,
all while the mayor of New Orleans issues desperate pleas for help.
(Does anyone else think that the response to Bush's appearances over
the past few days is going to eclipse the response to him sitting
through a twenty-minute grade school reading lesson while the World
Trade Centers were attacked?) I certainly hope that things get better
in the next few hours and days, but it's clear that our country wasn't
prepared for a catastrophe this great, and isn't doing so hot trying to
make up for lost time.  [Q Daily News]

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