EuroOSCON: Rasmus Lerdorf on PHP Security

EuroOSCON: Rasmus Lerdorf on PHP Security. By nat

I'm so chuffed. Rasmus is not just the creator of PHP, he's a really interesting guy who hacks for fun as well as for work.
He's the chief PHP architect for Yahoo! and gets to set policy across
all Yahoo! properties, domestic and international. He spent the first
part of his time at Yahoo! establishing consistent approaches to code
structure, scaling, internationalization, and so on. When I talked to him after WWDC,
he mentioned that he'd been spending recent time looking at security.
I'm hoping we'll get to benefit from Yahoo!'s investment in Rasmus at EuroOSCON. After a lot of schedule synchronizations, he's on the program to speak about Scaling, Security, and Deploying PHP. Huzzah!  [O'Reilly Radar]

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