Don't hire on the cheap

Don't hire on the cheap.

recently learned my lesson about hiring workers on the cheap. A friend
of mine recommended I hire this guy and his crew to handle some
painting and wood stripping/refinishing. The quote came in really low
and the time frame wasn’t realistic. Against my best judgement, I went
for it anyway and it’s been nothing but a disaster. A project that was
quoted to take 3 days is already going on 10 and there’s no end in
sight. It’s one empty promise after another. The guy I hired hasn’t
even been to the job site in about 6 days to check on the work being
done by his crew, yet he speaks of it as if he’s in control of the
situation. And now he’s feeding my friend lies that make it look like I’m the unreasonable one. Sigh…

Lesson learned. Next time I’ll check out Angie’s List first and only hire professionals with histories and credentials.  [Signal vs. Noise]

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