App-less Web Apps

App-less Web Apps.

This is really cool. 37Signals has a couple neat posts which really struck me this morning. The first one I missed a while ago, App-less web apps and this morning’s ponderings about URLs vs. usernames and passwords.
The reason is that I’ve been “working” (i.e. thinking a lot about and
doing nothing to actually accomplish) on a similar app. I wrote about
it here
where I was complaining about having to develop the same ol’
username/password infrastructure. The idea of an app-less web app
appeals to me greatly, not from a laziness standpoint, but because we
*all* have enough usernames and passwords. We really don’t need another.

Despite being a little annoyed at the 37Signals guys for hyping Ruby on
Rails too much and giving them crap about mobility, I actually like
their blog and their work quite a bit. Especially since they have a
tendency to concentrate on simplicity, and aren’t afraid to think
outside the norms to get there. Simplicity is hard work. It’s easy to
just slap a complex CRUD-like user interface on top of any database.
It’s hard to think about how users would actually want to work and make
your app respond that way instead.

I have a feeling that Writeboard
is very similar to what I was planning. Hmm… Since I haven’t written a
single line of code, hopefully it’s exactly what I was thinking, and I
can just use that and save myself the effort.   [Russell Beattie Notebook]

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