But Joe, they do!

But Joe, they do!.

Joe Wilcox talks about how this worm in reality shines the light on customers and patch management:

'The real spotlight should be on
customers and patch management. If Microsoft doesn't provide tools
these customers deem adequate to quickly deploy patches, then Microsoft
competitors and partners should seize the opportunity to do so.
Regardless, no one should delay patching systems once they are
available. The risks are too great, as this week's limited, but
high-profile infections demonstrate.'

Excuse me Joe? What do you think Windows Update and Microsoft Update is? What about WSUS? And ..Joe? WSUS is a free download. That's right Joe, even though I truly like Shavlik better, you CAN get a free patch tool from Microsoft NOW.

As little as I am, I've had a patch
management tool for like… something like THREE YEARS now. How come I
got the cluestick via Shavlik so long ago and these companies haven't figured out you can automate this gunk? I just don't get it.

Group Policy, it's scripting. Heck it's even the upcoming Monad. It's controlling the desktops and testing patches, deploying them, we have the tools and the power to do this.

So Joe…the tools are there…the partners are there… the community at patchmanagement.org is there….

Tell those firms to get on board and get the cluestick.  [E-Bitz – SBS MVP the Official Blog of the SBS “Diva”]

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