Windows worms now attacking each other

Windows worms now attacking each other.

The most recent crop of Windows worms continue
to circulate and, what's more, security firm F-Secure said that Zotob,
Bozori and IRCbot are engaged in botwarfare.

“We seem to have a botwar on our hands. There appears to be three
different virus writing gangs turning out new worms at an alarming rate
— as if they would be competing who would build the biggest network of
infected machines,” said Mikko Hypponen, chief research officer at
F-Secure, in a statement. “The latest variants of Bozori even remove
competing viruses like Zotob from the machines.”

F-Secure also said that as of this morning it had found nine malware
instances in addition to the previously reported Zotob and exploit code
from a Russian who operates under the name Houseofdabus.

The worms, meahwile, are spreading to media companies, and other security firms are chiming in about them as well.

InfoWorld sister magazine NetworkWorld takes a close look at Microsoft's patching day and finds that it is still a work in progress.

But don't wait for Patch Tuesday to reach perfection. A fix for the Windows hole is available at 
  [InfoWorld TechWatch]

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