Bulletproof Web Design

Bulletproof Web Design.

Bulletproof Web Design, the new book from Dan Cederholm of Simplebits, is out. It offers guidelines to help protect against worst-case scenarios with XHTML and CSS.

chapter starts out with an example of what Dan refers to as an
“unbulletproof” concept — an existing site that employs a traditional
approach and its associated pitfalls. Dan then deconstructs that
approach, noting its downsides and then making the site over using
Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). By the end of each chapter, you’ll have
replaced traditional, bloated, inaccessible page components with lean
markup and CSS. The guide culminates with a chapter that pieces
together all of the page components discussed in prior chapters into a
single page template.

Sounds like a good companion to Defensive Design for the Web, our book on designing for when things go wrong. [Signal vs. Noise]

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