We're live!

We're live!.

Family or friend have a problem? Not really in the mood to drive
halfway across town just to show someone how to install Firefox? Wish
you had a solution to fix their machine that didn't involve you
reconfiguring firewalls, setting up an SSH tunnel, and walking them
through a bunch of Windows control panels before you even had a chance
to get to the real issue?

After months of hard work, the Fog Creek Copilotsmservice
is now live! That's right, people, we are now officially at Fog Creek
Copilot 1.0! So now you don't have to ever be in that situation again.
From now on, helping others with computer problems will be fast and
painless. Check it out at http://www.copilot.com/ for all the details. [Project Aardvark]

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