The Most Important Article You'll Read on Legal Technology This Year?

The Most Important Article You'll Read on Legal Technology This Year?.

At the must-read, you'll find John Alber's new article “Delivering Actionable Information To Front-Line Lawyers.”

is a very important article and one that anyone interested in legal
technology and law practice management should read and study carefully.
. . and then set aside some time to think about its implications. I've
heard John speak on this topic and his presentation gave me much to
think about that has stayed with me ever since.

It's easy to
write off acronyms like KM, CRM and BPM as so much BS, but John's
article drives home the point that there is something of real substance
at the root of these technology and business efforts, especially when
properly understood and creatively implemented. I've long admired
John's ability to combine the creative and the practical.

article is another example of a recent string of articles I've read and
conversations that I've had in which a phrase something like
“actionable intelligence” has come up as the focus of the discussion.
It's starting to get my attention. I'm curious to hear from others
thinking in the same direction.

The money quote from the article:

we can now model engagements to better understand the impact of
alternative staffing and pricing arrangements, we can bid on business
that our old rules of thumb would have prevented us from seeking. Our
lawyers are also becoming increasingly astute about the impact of their
pricing and staffing positions on firm profitability. . . . The more
they use these tools, the smarter our lawyers get about economics and
the more flexible they become about what pricing and staffing
structures they consider.”

Fascinating, perhaps profound and definitely highly recommended. []

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