How long does it take to deploy a SBS box?

How long does it take to deploy a SBS box?.

Nick from the mail bag asks about baseline numbers for SBS installs. He was looking at a whitepaper on server installs and wanted to know if there were/are any SBSized versions of that.

Hmm…not that I know of Nick, but the problem as you have clearly stated is that no SBS install is alike….  the
difference between SBS installs using ADMT, workgroup migrations, and
clean-server drop ins – not to mention the amount of customer
“masaging” that is sometimes necessary, leads to some big differences.

No kidding. While your
enterprise gang can probably handle you flattening their desktop image,
there's no way your small biz folks will appreciate you moving your
icons one bit. That solitare icon better be RIGHT THERE where that
owner left it otherwise he or she will not trust that system isn't

To Nick's comment I'd add that he should also be checking out as an additional way to move from one system to another and not use the ADMT method.

Nick? Why don't you ask the folks on the Smallbizit or Mssmallbiz
yahoogroups for their average install time. Both communities will give
you a great 'consultants' view of the marketplace. The gang there will
tell you they have a base install package for the smaller drop ins, but
the more there is already a network, the more there is a crappy line of
business application that won't want to be easily moved, the more the
fees get less predictable.

So Nick? I can't give you any other answer than to introduce you to a better resource for finding your answer.  [E-Bitz – SBS MVP the Official Blog of the SBS “Diva”]

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