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Eric Stephens writes in to tell us about, the e-commerce site his team launched after getting some inspiration from our Building of Basecamp workshop.

been trying to develop an ecommerce project for about six months, and
after attending the building of basecamp in September of last year I
felt I knew exactly what I needed to do. We formed the team we needed
in January, and six months later with five people working varying
degrees of part time we launched half a product that we’re proud of:

The “half a product” bit he
refers to is our advice to build half a product, not a half-assed
product (i.e. build something small and improve that before you start
adding on additional features). Jason talked about this in his recent How to make big things happen with small teams presentation.

Also, developer Lucas Carlson has a blog post about how they used Ajax to improve the customer experience.  [Signal vs. Noise]

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