A Decade of PHP

A Decade of PHP. By nat

10 years ago to this day, Rasmus Lerdorf made the first release of PHP. It was slow to take off as this graph shows,
but when the sleeping tiger awoke … Kapow! I had dinner last night
with Rasmus, and he's still the sanguine man he always was. He pointed
out that he's never taken a job where he's being paid to run the PHP
project, which makes him a rare item in the world of programming
language creators.

Ten years into PHP, Rasmus is still working at it. He's been a fixture at conferences, recently even taking his son with him. He passionately supports the smaller grassroots conferences, so I'm glad he's speaking at OSCON
this year. Rasmus still hacks on PHP and is still as interesting and
mellow as the day I met him. This bodes well for PHP–here's to the
next ten being as successful as the first. Congratulations! [O'Reilly Radar]

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