Apple+Intel Post Annoucement Second Thoughts

Apple+Intel Post Annoucement Second Thoughts.

so with the planned leak, the keynote wasn't a blow but a confirmation.
What is everyone watching this really missing? The lack of surprise by
developers. Not in the switch to Intel, the lack of surprise that Apple
has been planning this for some time. Most competent developers would
have known deep down that Apple would plan do this at some point. The
best part is Apple did what they do best: sweat the details.

an IDE for this transition? No problem! That Xcode you've been using
(wait for it) we've just enabled the magic Intel compiling bit. Clean
up your code to use the correct API calls (which you should have been
using anyway) and recompile!

So Jobs sold Next to Apple with the
knowledge that they can hop to Intel architecture at any point. Once
you get the first release out the door (10.0), you focus on every
release being compatible. I'd bet by the time that 10.2 came out, the
major issues were done.

What's shocking? Well, like Perry Ferrel says “Nothing's shocking.”

has spent the last 5 years transitioning from a very proprietary OS and
API structure to one that's easily adopted by the Linux generation.
They picked now to do it because they've got some market play with the
iPod, a revenue stream that has nothing to do with OSes and momentum
(no spyware, no viruses).

Step Two: get a DVR/set top box in the
house and make Apple the trusted brand to run your personal media and
entertainment. Once they have your trust and loyalty, out trots the
MacOS for non-Macs.

Wow, what a home run.  [house of warwick]

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