Jamis and Jeremy bestowed with commit rights

Jamis and Jeremy bestowed with commit rights.

While we’ve had restricted parts of the Rails repository available for committing by others than yours truly (Leon on AWS,
Sam on prototype), the trunk has been closely guarded until this point.
But it’s time to share the load, if only a little. So I hereby announce
that Jamis Buck (minam) and Jeremy Kemper (bitsweat) has been bestowed
with commit rights.

Jamis is already the main driver of
Action Mailer, my follow programmer at 37signals, and the creator of
lots of Ruby open source software. He was also one of the very first
people to ever submit a patch to Rails as he did the first
implementation of has_and_belongs_to_many. He is indeed one of the best
programmers I know.

Jeremy has proved his invaluable worth
for Rails time and again. Next to myself, he has by far the most
patches accepted in the trunk. Which often has included extensive
improvements to the health of the framework in form of refactorings and
expanded test coverage. Jeremy has also just accepted a full-time
position with CD Baby, so he’ll continue to be working all Rails, all the time.

congratulations to both of them. It’s a little tough relinquishing the
keys to treasury, but it’s time, and I don’t think I could have picked
a better pair to inaugurate the expansion of the commit group.  [Riding Rails]

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