KM in the library

KM in the library.

Libraries IMO would greatly benefit from changing their vision to become knowledge centers.

Consider what needs to happen:

1) They pay greater attention to ephemeral exchanges and promote networking.

2) They offer opt-in services based on collaborative filters to point the patrons to interesting works and people

They redesign their architecture to promote 'collisions', host CoPs,
concentrate on active learning, offer brown-bag gatherings….

4) They become active community participants gathering patron interest profiles and facilitate connections

They promote virtual exchanges, offer blogging spaces, deliver RSS
feeds, actively inform their patrons of new developments, new
literature and new people – this is a far cry from posting covers of
new books on a noticeboard.

Here are some links and further thoughts

Changing to a KM mindset is not about the software adopted. It requires a deep understanding of the differences between knowledge & information and a radical revision of traditional library dogma, e.g. managing the collection.  

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