Tiger Talk

Tiger Talk.
If you saw Angela's post from Friday night, then you probably figured
out that we did get the upgrade to Tiger installed on her eMac, and you
probably know how much fun she was having with Dashboard widgets. It
was a pretty painless upgrade, and once she went to bed Friday night, I
spent a couple of hours playing around with it myself. The fact that
her machine now sees the Windows workgroup, shows me what shares there
are to connect to on the file server, and mounts those shares as drives
once I authenticate with the server, blew me away. Huge step forward
for incorporating Apple OS X machines into a small office SOHO network
effortlessly. It's always been possible with some expertise and work,
but this could be done by anyone in no time at all. Nice…

I'm sure I'll have more to say about Tiger as time goes on… [Life of a one-man IT department]

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