Choosing a daily GTD action plan

Choosing a daily GTD action plan

high octane moron: Revolving workflow strategies

I employ an informal Getting Things Done action strategy that’s similar to the one Chris lays out in his post. I often have a theme
for a given day, where I choose an approach that’s suited to my mood,
my energy level, and the kind and amount of work on my TODO list. (I’m
especially a fan of days where I knock down “mosquito tasks” as Chris
calls them.)

While they could be rotated throughout a single day,
I am finding I like to commit to a single approach early in the day and
generally stick to it for the day (possibly choosing a second approach
at night). I don’t plan in advance what tomorrow’s strategy will be,
because a lot of it is based on external factors like the number of new
client requests I might receive in the morning. These are certainly
nothing beyond common sense, and many of them are even laid out in the
book and elsewhere, but it has helped me to list them out and think
about which I am using at any given time.

Chris’s approaches include:

  1. alternate projects
  2. big chunks of time on certain projects
  3. complete as many small items as possible
  4. oldest first
  5. newest first
  6. squeaky wheel
  7. goal driven

How do you plan and choose your actions for the day?  [43 Folders]

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