Xen, finally

Xen, finally.

I finally have Xen working on a system at home. I hadn’t expected this to be very difficult, but apparently Xen doesn’t like my new Athlon 64 system
(bought mostly for running Xen). They’ll fix it eventually, but for now
I’m using an old Athlon 700 system that I had sitting around. It needed
a new CPU fan (just try finding Slot A fans these days!), but
I was able to scrounge up 512 MB of RAM and an 80 GB hard drive, so
it’s perfectly usable.

I built a couple quick disk images and booted them under Xen, and
everything worked as expected. This is always a good sign, and it
suggests that I’ll be able to make progress on my little virtual-server
project without a whole lot of trouble.


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