ResultsManager Tune-Up

ResultsManager Tune-Up.
I enjoyed a productive ResultsManager coaching
session today with Nick Duffill, and Nic Tipler of Gyronix. These guys
created the powerful add-in to MindJet's MindManager that allows you to
visually manage your projects and actions.

As you know, I'm a big fan of MindManager and MindMaps. I've been working
with ResultsManager for some time, however, I've always been aware that
I was not using the program to its fullest potential. After today's tune-up,
I see several new ways that I can use ResultsManager as a part of my planning
process, weekly review, and for project management.

I'd like to eventually integrate ResultsManager and MindManager into the
way that I use Lotus Notes so that I can visually map the information in
my eProductivity template. The folks at MindJet and Gyronix are supportive
of my efforts to do so, and have offered assistance in the process. Last
year, I evaluated a few commercial tools that provide Notes <> MindManager
integration. At the time, I did not feel that either was ready for prime
time – at least not for what I wanted to do. I'll revaluate both in the
coming weeks. Hopefully, I'll have something exciting to show before long.

One neat thing about working with Gyronix team is that they are open to
suggestions, and they are responsive. Already, several features that I
have recommended have made it into the current product.

If you currently use ResultsManager, be sure to update to the latest version.
The new ResultsManager Wizard simplifies many things. If you've never seen
or tried ResultsManager, click over to You can download a
21 day trial of ResultsManager and MindManager from the site.


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