What the Attack on Abu Ghraib Means

What the Attack on Abu Ghraib Means. As I mentioned earlier,
the attack on Abu Ghraib is proof that al Qaeda is now officially in
Iraq. The execution followed a classic al Qaeda pattern. Here are some
things that the press missed in the little coverage they provided:

  • The level of sophistication. Swarming and feints.
  • Large number of attackers (50).
  • Low casualties for attackers killed (~1 maybe).
  • No prior intelligence on a large, well planned attack of this size.
  • Weapons mix: RPGs, VBIEDs, and small arms.

This is problematic. This attack demonstrates that Al Qaeda can now
mount an attack of the size and sophistication necessary to over-run a large number of US troops. An over-run could produce significant US casualties and captives. [John Robb's Weblog]

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