7 Myths about Network Security

7 Myths about Network Security.

So this evening I was doing the dew and catching up on some reading when I came across an interesting article
on Security Pipeline about the “7 Myths of Network Security”. It is
well worth the read. In summary, the article breaks down the 7 Myths as:

  1. Myth: Encryption guarantees protection
  2. Myth: Firewalls will make you bulletproof
  3. Myth: Hackers ignore old software
  4. Myth: Macs Are safe
  5. Myth: Security tools and software patches make everybody safer
  6. Myth: As long as your corporate network is unbreached, hackers can't hurt you
  7. Myth: If you work for a security enterprise, your data is safe.

So, as you can imagine, the article discusses how the opposite of the myths are true. Notice #4? I talked about that a bit last week. These are good points that I see on a regular basis. Please spread the word to others, and bust these myths.

Happy reading 
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