Biggest Complaint Of Blackberries So Far – Interface Lock Up

Biggest Complaint Of Blackberries So Far – Interface Lock Up

For most of the attorneys, the Blackberries are pretty good devices
for keeping caught up with emails. There are a few attorneys, however,
who really require a robust platform for emails as well as Personal
Information Management (PIM) and phone use.

The Blackberry is usable as a phone, but I think that a lot of the
attorneys feel that the 7730 is a little big to hold as a phone and the
lack of Bluetooth limits their headphone choices.

The Blackberry's biggest weakness, however, especially in OS 4.0
seems to be in the PIM arena and specifically contacts. Actually, OS 4
presents a few problems even for users who have no contacts. The fact
is that OS 4 takes up a lot more headroom than OS 3.7 did. Blackberries
run slower on OS 4 and often freeze up with the hourglass while it's
processing something or other. This is kind of annoying when you are
typing a password and you get the hourglass and have no idea what
characters of your password were grabbed properly.

It is, however, a major annoyance when you have a good sized address
book (lets say over 1000 contacts). When you have that many contacts,
the Blackberry often locks up for VERY LONG periods of time while it
does whatever operations it does to sort through the contacts,
especially if you have content protection turned on.

Whereas a Palm, or Palm Treo chugs through contacts very quickly thanks to it's much faster processor.

Ahh, the things I wish I knew before we got all set up with
Blackberries…Would have been nice to know that the Treo processor is
10 (TEN!) times faster than the Blackberry's.

Anyhow, if anyone from Research in Motion (RIM) is listening…it
would be REALLY REALLY helpful, if you either came out with a much
faster Blackberry very soon, or changed the OS so that it would always
reserve some processing power for the user interface.

It SERIOUSLY degrades the user experience when you have to wait and
wait for the @#&$ing thing to finish doing whatever it is that it's
doing  [Alex Scoble's IT Notes]

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