Announcing “Between Lawyers” – An Excellent New Adventure in Blawgland

Announcing “Between Lawyers” – An Excellent New Adventure in Blawgland.

me join Denise Howell, Tom Mighell, Marty Schwimmer and Ernest Svenson
in announcing our new joint blogging adventure called “Between Lawyers.” Thanks to visionary genius and generosity of Hylton Jolliffe at Corante,
we have started a group blog that will join the family of great Corante
blogs, all of which you will want to spend some time reading.

The Between Lawyers feed is here.

Ernie mentions, the five of us have been having a bunch of great
conversations on a back channel email list for a while and decided that
some of those conversations would work well in a public forum. I'm
intrigued by the way that we can use Between Lawyers to take some
experimental approaches to blogging and how we can open up the way
practicing lawyers work to the public.

As usual, the goal is to be both educational and entertaining. Ernie gives the original derivation of the blog title here.
We were also thrilled when Hylton instantly approved our idea to have a
“Lawyer X” contributor that we can each use as an avatar for
“anonymous” posts.

If our email list is any indication, we'll cover quite a range of topics.

It's worth taking a look at the mission statement for Between Lawyers:

Lawyers provides just-in-time group commentary on the issues raised
when technology, culture and the law intersect. We take you behind the
firewalls and conference room doors to show you how experienced lawyers
deal with these issues and help you prepare for the new challenges we
all face.”

Lawyers are often seen as one of the last bastions of
an era when a select group of high priests controlled access to
specialized information. The Internet and blogging point us toward the
end of that era. In our own ways, we want to be the lawyers in the
space between the old era and the era to come.

If we can't reach that high ideal, then the Wayne's World thing would be a good result too.

We hope you visit the new blog and subscribe to the feed.  []

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