52 Leadership Tips- #19

52 Leadership Tips- #19

Don’t Lead via Urgency.

Have you ever looked around and noticed that your team was getting
nothing done? Or, how about yourself? You know, those very unproductive
days, weeks or even months. This can be a natural byproduct of paying
too much attention to the urgent, or, leading via urgency!

Don’t get me wrong… emergency’s come up, and they need to be dealt
with, but living in a urgency driven world will lead to a continual
lack of productivity. I have a good friend in the technology business
who always says “A lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part.”
Such a great saying, and how true is that? People’s lack of planning,
lack of thinking, or just lack of doing, can often lead to an urgent
situation. Sound familiar?

The same thing happens to leaders, their lack of planning, lack of
thinking through, or lack of surrounding themselves with great managers
can just lead to urgency after urgency. And urgency after urgency will
lead to getting a big bag of nothing accomplished!

Leaders you need to have a vision that turns into a plan. A vision without a plan is a dream never fulfilled! 
I know that visionary leaders will change, they will ebb and flow (I am
one of them), so the plan needs to be flexible enough to support
change. Leaders, you are the captain and are steering the ship, so if
you want to make it to your destination, don’t lead via Urgency!  [terry storch @ fellowship church]

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