A church switches to open source and teaches us a lesson

A church switches to open source and teaches us a lesson.

Fellowship Church, the fifth-largest church in the USA, recently
switched its Web sites from Microsoft technology to Linux, PHP,
PostgreSQL, and Apache.

Brian Bailey just laid out the reasons on his blog.

Why am I linking to something negative to Microsoft?

Well, for one, to challenge my coworkers. I'm hearing more and more
of these kinds of switches and Brian Bailey's reasons match what I'm
hearing from other developers. We need to make sure our products and
services solve the business issues that are out there today, not the
ones that existed in 1995.

I'm also linking to Brian's blog because I'm an optimist. I belive
we can win him (and other shops who have switched) back. But, it'll
take work and changes to our business models, our products, our
approach, to win him back.

No, being fired (which really is what just happened) doesn't feel
good. And, if it continues, I'll be out on the street. That's business.
And it can happen at Microsoft just like it happened at UserLand where
I had to lay myself off. History teaches us that.

So, back to work  [Scobleizer: Microsoft Geek Blogger]

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