From the Easter Vigil:

Dear friends in Christ, on this most holy night,
when our Lord Jesus Christ passed from death to life,
the Church invites her children throughout the world
to gather in vigil and prayer.

This is the Passover of the Lord:
if we honor the memory of his death and resurrection
by hearing his word and celebrating his mysteries,
then we may be confident
that we shall share his victory over death and live with him forever in God.

Father we share in the brightness of your glory
through your Son, the light of the world.
Make this new fire holy, and inflame us with new hope.

By this Paschal feast,
may our minds and hearts so burn with godly desires
that we may one day rejoice at your festival of everlasting light.

May the light of Christ, rising in glory,
dispel the darkness of our hearts and minds.

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