Today's Schiavo take

Today's Schiavo take.

Two quick morning observations about the continuing Terri Schiavo abomination:

First, it's at least a little heartening to me to see that this afternoon's Federal court hearing is before James D. Whittemore, a Clinton appointee and someone who's expressed an understanding of the difference between state and federal powers.
We'll see how it plays out, but at least I feel that much more secure
that by putting the issue into the hands of the Federal judiciary,
Congress actually has taken a lot of the politics out of the debacle.

Second, how has it not come up in the popular press that the same
President who flew back to Washington to sign the Schiavo bill also put
his signature on the Texas Futile Care Law
while governor of that state in 1999, a law that allows hospitals to
discontinue life-sustaining measures over the objections of parents?
(It's the law that led to Texas Children's ending life support on a baby last month,
after a protracted legal battle that wasn't able to tug at the
heartstrings of our elected Federal representatives.) It's hard to
reconcile the two acts on Bush's part, other than to observe that both
laws had strong support from the religious right.

Update: thanks go out to Rafe for the pointer to this great (but long) post at Obsidian Wings, which says it all much better than I could deign to.  [Q Daily News]

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