Serverless Laszlo is here

Serverless Laszlo is here.

LPS 3.0b2 is now available for download from OpenLaszlo. The big feature that's new in this beta is the ability to deploy Laszlo applications without the presentation server.
That means that from this point forward, if your Laszlo app does not
require a set of specific features (including SOAP, Java RPC, and some
types of media transcoding), you can deploy it without installing Java
or LPS on the server, and without the extra tier (proxy) in your
deployment. This should open up Laszlo development to a lot of new

Also new in this release are these capabilities:

  • A 2D graphics API for drawing at runtime, which implements a subset of the WHAT-WG graphics API (but don't confuse their “canvas” tag with ours :-))
  • Dynamic libraries (loadable at runtime)
  • Unicode

Looking forward to your feedback.

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