Know your Enemy: Tracking Botnets

Know your Enemy: Tracking Botnets.

Ever been interested in how botnets work?

The Honey Project has released an interesting paper entitled Know your Enemy: Tracking Botnets. In the research, they discuss the tools, tactics, and motives of attackers who run botnets.

A botnet is a network of compromised machines that can be remotely
controlled by an attacker. Due to their immense size (tens of thousands
of systems can be linked together), they pose a severe threat to the
community. With the help of honeynet's wealth of data logged, it is
possible to reconstruct the actions of attackers, the tools they use,
and study them in detail. In this paper the authors take a closer look
at botnets, common attack techniques, and the individuals involved.

Interesting stuff. Happy reading.
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