Better attorney photos for your law firm website

Better attorney photos for your law firm website.

There's nothing worse than a law firm website that has lame photos.  Well, actually firm websites that completely lack
attorney photos are pretty bad, and amazingly not all that rare. 
Anyway, I mention this topic because a friend of mine in Seattle is a
photographer who specializes in taking candid shots of attorneys using
a very simple approach: one light, two reflector cards and a plain

His goal is to keep the photo session from being staged because, as
we all know, people can't stand posing for photos.  He tries to engage
each subject enough to get their minds off the photo situation, and, as
he says “if I can do that for an instant then their personality shines
through.”  Here is one Seattle firm
that he did all the photos for, and I think he did a great job.  These
days there is no reason to have dull, lifeless photos on your firm
website.  Unless you want to convey that you are a dull, lifeless law

If you want something more dynamic and exciting then contact Jeffrey Luke, and check out his website
You don't even have to live in Seattle.  I'll bet he'd fly just about
anywhere in the U.S. to help you make your law firm website more
dynamic.   [Ernie The Attorney]

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