E-meetings Becoming More Mainstream

E-meetings Becoming More Mainstream.

This week's issue of ComputerWorld has
an excellent feature story on how e-meeting systems have evolved to
save companies time and money by reducing travel expenses. One of the
companies featured in the story is Groove customer Steelcase Inc., the
global office furniture company.

Florent Burion, international
CRM team leader at Steelcase, says that the Groove meeting tool is
especially popular. “We have been using the meetings tool extensively,
and everywhere it has been used, we have definitely noticed an increase
in productivity and alignment of teams,” Burion says. “In the Groove
satisfaction survey we are conducting at the moment, the meetings tool
is among the most-often-used tools and rated highly in terms of

Peter O'Kelly, an industry analyst for the Burton
Group, comments that we're just now arriving at the point where
e-meetings are “getting on the mainstream radar.” He adds that as the
software and interfaces have become more sophisticated, it has become
easier for people to start using tools effectively.

The Groove meetings tool is especially popular, and easy to use. This Quick Reference Guide is
a good resource for learning more about the tool, and how you can
utilize it to prepare for, manage, and track action items from your
meetings. The key to the Groove meetings tool is that it's not just for
managing the real-time meeting. You can utilize the tool to prepare for
your meeting in advance, hold your meeting in Groove, and then post
minutes and action items from each meeting. Team members who can't
attend can access the meeting notes later, understand what occurred by
reading the meeting minutes and also see if any action items have been
assigned to them.

You can evaluate the effectiveness of the meeting and other Groove tools by downloading our 60-day Trial Edition.   [Groove.net Weblog]

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