Prophylactic rebooting

Prophylactic rebooting.
Microsoft shill Robert Scoble shuts down and reboots his tablet PC every day, because he's “been using computers for 20 years and [has] learned that’s the best way to work.”


sap. My Linux machines go months between reboots. Sometimes they only
come down when I need to move them, or when the power goes out in the
house. My Macintoshes are only rebooted when software updates demand it
(and usually I grump about it). My Powerbook has an uptime of 8 days
right now. (Last reboot: software update.) My work G4 has an uptime of
13 days. (Last reboot: software update.) My work Linux machine has an
uptime of 54 days. (Last reboot: power went off in the building.)

You know, Scoble, software doesn't have to suck. You might learn this if you look outside Microsoft now and again.   [Ceejbot]

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