MindManager Wish List

MindManager Wish List.
This evening, I met with Marc Orchant via
Skype to talk about geek stuff. (Blogs, Podcasting, RSS, etc.) I
first met Marc through his office
and tablet blogs. Our common interest in using technology to get things
done has brought us together for extended virtual geek meetings more than
once. (I know, pretty sad. A geek party on the phone on a Saturday night.)

Our meeting went something like this: we initiated the meeting in
Skype, then I brought up MindManager – my idea capturing tool of choice
— and then Marc connected to my PC using Glance. It's not a very good
testimony for tight software integration, but at the same time – unlike
our misfortunes with MSN Messenger – everything worked.

Our conversation quickly shifted from Blogs and Podcasting to MindManager
and how each of us were using it. I shared with Marc some of the things
that I would like to see, add-ins for MindManager that I believe would
add utility to the product. He suggested that I blog about them,
so here are my three wishes:

1. I want to be able to search Mind Maps using X1

I know I'm not the first to suggest this, but I think X1 and MindManager
represent a powerful combination for information management. The people
who use Mind Manager are already into idea capture, knowledge management,
and tracking; it is logical, therefore, that they will want to search what
they have entered into their maps. I should think that MindManager customers
would represent a potential instant customer base for X1 — especially
since no other product that I'm aware of provides desktop search into MindManager
files. (I don't think this would be too hard to do either; the MindManager
X5 files are all in XML and they already have an awesome viewer.) For the
MindJet marketing team, having a powerful desktop search tool, such as
X1, would certainly raise the level to which…
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