Tinderbox Cards

Tinderbox Cards.


Waiting for the plane to taxi to the O'Hare runway, I was
thinking about the best tools for Tinderbox when Tinderbox isn't handy.
Tools for getting ideas now, before you forget them. Before you start worrying about remembering them. 

Notes you can jot down right now, so you can move on. You'll copy
them to your Tinderbox file when you reach 10,000 feet, or when you're
back at the office.

For starters, the cards need to fit into a pocket, or a pocket
briefcase, or wherever you like to carry stuff. If the card is sitting
on the shelf at the office, it's no good.

Next, we need a checkbox to say, “I've added this to my Tinderbox
system.” Easy enough! I've put a faint Tinderbox icon inside the box,
just as a reminder to use it.

While we're at it, every card has a space for a few key attributes
— the metadata that Tinderbox helps you add to each note. It's just a
reminder; Tinderbox adds the essential metadata automatically, but
Tinderbox also makes it easy to remind yourself to add metadata you'll
really want to have. The point is that adding key attributes needs to
be easy and absolutely guilt-free.

We'll need a bunch of cards. This is just the first.

Want your own sample deck of Tinderbox cards? Email bernstein@eastgate.com to get on the information list. They won't be free, but they won't be terribly expensive, either….  [Mark Bernstein]

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