rapidBox Skype Router

rapidBox Skype Router.

For as cool as $20 Skype USB handsets are,
there's something a bit cluttered about having seperate handsets for
both VoIP and regular phone calls. The rapidBox is a simple USB router
with three RJ11 (phone plug) jacks that lets you use the handsets you
already own to make calls over the Skype network (including SkypeOut).
The slick bit is that both types of calls work at the same time, so
that a Skype call will ring into handset just as easily as a regular
phone call, and switching between modes is as easy as pressing the *
key. And since there are three phone jacks instead of the expected two,
you can also drop on a second phone or fax machine (although faxing
over VoIP doesn't really work). Not bad for 50 clams.

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