Lind on to the decline of the state and the rise of global disorder. My note: Moral decay/discord is radically catalyzed by systems sabotage.

Most significantly, if we look at the larger
world, we see ever more states coming unglued, which is the root
phenomenon of Fourth Generation war. The Saudi regime is in trouble,
and its replacement will not be parliamentary democracy. Pakistan’s
General Musharraf is one bomb away from his destiny, at which point al
Qaeda will have nukes (if it doesn’t already). Russia’s President Putin
is acting to strengthen the Russian state because he knows the state’s
existence is on the line in Russia. In West Africa, the state is almost
gone, and it is going in the rest of Africa. Most interestingly, as the
next few months will likely show, the state is fracturing in Israel, a
modern, Westernized country. That is how Fourth Generation war works:
it pulls the state apart at the moral level. Soon, just as Arab is
fighting Arab, Jew will be fighting Jew.
[John Robb's Weblog]

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