Rails tutorial on O’Reilly’s ONLamp

Rails tutorial on O’Reilly’s ONLamp.

 Curt Hibbs has written a great tutorial called Rolling with Ruby on Rails.
It takes the reader through setting up Ruby on Rails, scaffolding an
application into immediate use, and tailoring the results. It’s focus
is especially on setting everything up and using it with a Windows
machine. It has been published by O’Reilly with their ONLamp.com site.
A small note from the introduction:

would you think if I told you that you could develop a web application
at least ten times faster with Rails than you could with a typical Java
framework? You can—without making any sacrifices in the quality of your
application! How is this possible?

always hesitant to provide any exact measures of productivity
increases, but the 10x number has been echoed by more than a few of the
Java programmers I’ve known coming over. Of course, most projects
involve lots more than just programming, so this would hardly mean a
project completed 10x — or whatever multiplier you fancy — but the difference is indeed startling.

any case, awesome work, Curt! Let this serve as an encouragement for
other Railers to spread the good work by getting their knowledge
published by outfits like O’Reilly. 
[Riding Rails]

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