Benefits of Blogging for Law Firm Librarians

Benefits of Blogging for Law Firm Librarians.

Librarians typically come across new information, web sites and
resources on almost a daily basis. But can you recall that new source
or research tip the next time it's needed, months or even years later?
I can often remember questions from months ago, but not necessarily the
answers, or more importantly, how I went about finding them. In
addition, in a multi-librarian firm, it's also very important to share
information among the library staff.

It's clear that attorneys aren't the only ones that need knowledge
management! The old 3 x 5 index card reference file really doesn't cut
it anymore.

In a recent article in the “California LegalPro” supplement to the
Recorder (Fall 2004), “Blog-On!”, Diahann Munoz, a reference librarian
in the DC office of Morgan, Lewis & Bockius, talks about how the
library staff at Morgan set up a private blog on to save
such tidbits as “new database information and passwords, answers to
difficult questions..information regarding vendor or professional
meetings, links to articles of interest..and new discoveries about
products and services..”

Since blogs are full-text searchable, and allow categorization by
topic, blog software/services can be a great way to create a shared,
reference database, without those old 3 x 5 cards! 

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