Trustworthy Computing Curriculum

Trustworthy Computing Curriculum.

of the things that I worry about related to trustworthy computing is
the state of education on TWC topics in computer science programs
today. When I go around and talk to professors, I ask them whether
their students are taught even simple stuff, like how to avoid buffer
overflows and the most common security bugs. Almost none of them say
“yes.” Companies like Microsoft need to be committed to building secure
and trustworthy products (we are), but it helps tremendously when we
can hire people who are educated on the issues before they even come to
work here.

Last August, Microsoft Research issued an RFP for seed funding to
develop improved trustworthy computing curriculum. Last month we
awarded half a million dollars in funding. Here's more information on it, and a full list of people who received awards.

It's a start; we all need to work together and do our part if we're
going to turn the corner on this problem that affects us all.  [Kevin Schofield's Weblog]

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