How *NOT* to keep customers

How *NOT* to keep customers.

you have to wonder why companies can stay in business. I use Veritas
Backup Exec 8.6 on my home network to take care of my backup and data
recovery needs. It's worked great for years and saved my behind on
numerous occasions. Tonight I needed to install their remote agent (RA)
on a laptop that had a problem. To do the RA install, I went through
the product installation and was, as always, asked for the serial
number. I typed it in and got a dialog saying: “A higher edition of
Backup Exec is required to install on this edition of the operating
system.” (I had upgraded the server with the tape drive to Windows 2003
recently.) A quick check of the software license said nothing about
only being limited to Windows 2000. No big deal, I was willing to
upgrade, if that was what was required. In fact, I have (or had!) a
task in my Task List to look at upgrading at the beginning of the year.

However….. All hell broke loose when I canceled out of the dialog.
My perfectly working version of Backup Exec was instantly reverted to
an evaluation copy and a timed out one at that! I
don't know if this is a bug or we're looking at a truly evil
corporation. All I know is that my expensive piece of backup software
is pure detris on the disk. I called technical support and all they
told me to do was read their knowledge base. As you would expect, there
was nothing there on how to get my software working again. I created a
case through their web email system, but I'll probably never hear a
word back or the only word will be spend another $1,000 USD on a forced

I don't have a problem with Veritas requiring an upgrade, but I'm
extremely upset that their software killed a perfectly working
installation. Something tells me that Veritas won't be getting any of
my money. Does anyone have any recommendations for good backup software?  [Wintellog]

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