Don't call me a solo

Don't call me a solo.

lawyer's journey away from a cushy job at an established law firm and
into the brave new world of non-solo practice. The message of this
anonymous lawyer is simple. Take your talents to the street. Become
part of the community of non-solo practitioners.

The Greatest American Lawyer intends
to promote a set of standards which the owner of this weblog aspires
to, which standards he will share as he embarks on his new non-solo

In Don't call me a solo this lawyer writes: The
shared resources among practice groups in a 1000 person mega firm
separated by walls, floors and cities are not much different (albeit
smaller) than the world of non-solos connected together over IP.
Technology is the answer we have been waiting for.
Efficiency,communication, outsourcing and vertical specialization are
the promise of correctly used technology.
  [Smart Mobs]

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