Impressive Blackstone Powered Flash Forms

Impressive Blackstone Powered Flash Forms.
I've been demonstrating basic use of Blackstone Flash Forms for a while
now; little things like pop-up calendars, simple tab dialogs and
accordion controls, grids and trees in forms, input masking, basic
events, and more. All very cool looking, or so I thought. But several
developers have commented that they'd not be able to use Flash Forms,
that they'd be too limiting, they'd all look the same, and they'd not
be of any use in real-world applications.
Well, today, after viewing examples of what some of the beta testers
have already built with Flash Forms, I beg to differ. I saw forms that
looked as unique as the sites that they were part of, forms that
provided real and incredibly useful functionality, forms that went
further than any of us imagined this feature capable of.
I'm going to see if I can arrange to get some of those examples to post
here, seeing is believing. [Ben Forta's Blog]

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