Business Cards from GotPrint

Business Cards from GotPrint. I got my business cards from GotPrint today. All in all, I'm pleased with almost every aspect of doing business with them.

card stock is quick thick and strong, the glossy side is very glossy,
the cutting seems uniform and consistent and the print is clean and
crisp on the front. I even got a phone call from someone in their
customer service department after I e-mailed them to inquire if I
should upgrade my shipping to receive them by a certain date.

only niggle is the printing on the back. I chose to go with their
'Color Front, Black Back' option after calling to confirm that the
black back was actually grayscale and wouldn't be black or a halftoned
gray. Unfortunately, the lettering on the back is indeed in black with
a very faint half-tone pattern. I'm probably going to call and ask
about this, but for less than $50 for 1000 cards I'm not going to be
too particular. I would have happily dropped the extra $10 to get the
right color on the back, but I'm not sure I would have wanted the back
of the card to be glossy.

I used their template, created my
artwork and uploaded it to their system. I was able to proof them
online immediately and got (almost) exactly what I expected. Pretty
cool. 🙂 [ Blog]

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