How Long Is Your Digital Trail?

How Long Is Your Digital Trail?. Relationships in the information age work best when you exercise restraint and courtesy. Especially after you break up.

Run your own business? You're online, and your past can find you. Start
a wish list — or a wedding registry — on a retailer's website? You're
online, and your past can find you. If you do anything at all that
brings you in contact with the public, whether it's a band gig or a
volunteer day with a local charity or getting arrested or writing a
blurb in the corporate newsletter, your name is more likely to appear
online than not.

A simple Google search on my former swain's name brought up the band
website, reviews in area press and listings of events where the band
will be playing over the holidays. We're not talking about Garth Brooks
here, just a medium fish in a small pond, and yet he's as easy to find
as any mega star.

Commentary by Regina Lynn. [Wired News] [Privacy Digest: Privacy News (Civil Rights, Encryption, Free Speech, Cryptography)]

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