Product plug: Campaign Monitor

Product plug: Campaign Monitor.

We recently switched from Topica to Campaign Monitor
to manage our email newsletters and mailing lists. We couldn't be
happier with it. If you manage a list you deserve to be happy too
(cause, let's face it, list management can bring you down).
CampaignMonitor can get you there.

From the beautiful interface (they even use the Basecamp-inspired Yellow Fade Technique and Blank Slates), to the elegant reports,
to the overall intuitiveness and ease-of-use so often missing in
newsletter/list management software (including most web-based
solutions), we have to highly recommend giving them a look.

Plus they have an interesting pricing model. There's no monthly fee — it's just pay per use ($5 plus a penny per recipient). Neat idea.

they built this product because they needed it. And when people build
products that they 1. need, and 2. know, and 3. care about, they always
yield better experiences. Do check them out.  [SIGNAL VS. NOISE]

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